Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Presentation


herewith we want to introduce ourselves, telling you that we are very emotioned about this new project, of creating a blog to include the touristic attractions of Galicia, north-east coast of Spain, also called the green corner.

We are Carlos and Mark. Me myself, grew up in Switzerland, allthough I have galician parents and I have been always very much in touch with this region, and since almost 20 years, my family owns a small rural tourism hotel that I will soon present you in this blog. I also have a small company specialized in vacational lodgings allover Galicia that I will get to know in further messages in order to offer the best lodgings of this kind in Galicia. I will be pleased to help any foreigner in whatever questions they might have about a trip to Galicia.

Mark will probably get to know himself in further articles, but as an advance, he is a scotish gentlemen who got in love with Galicia several years ago and decided to move to our region in order to have a less stressful life and help other foreigners to know the wellcoming atmosphere and the very nice aspects that Galicia has to offer to anyone who visits us. He is also very helpful in any kind of information related with Galicia and will be pleased to help any visitor in their inquiries.

Galicia has been in the least years a little bit the forgotten corner of Spain, unless the wellknown places as Santiago de Compostela, with it's pilgrims way of St. Jakob or Finisterre, as the end of the world as roman culture named it.

Nevertheless, Galicia is nowadays, mostly in national knowledgment, sinonomous to culture, richness of gastronomic pleasures and unforgettable landscapes and natural resources that can be enjoyed in an easy, priceworthy and conforting way by our visitants.

Please, feel free, to make your suggestions, questions or whatever inquiries you may have.
Best regards and welcome to Galicia

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