Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spanish Wine Fair 2011, Ciudad Real

My Galicia attended the international wine fair in Ciudad Real (FENAVIN) from 10-12 May,the worlds biggest and best. We were asked to lend support to Bodegas Castro Brey , a winery from Vila de Cruces near Santiago de Compostela who were delighted with the amount of business contacts and likely business generated. There are five different wine denominations in Galicia and over 480 bodegas (winerys). FENAVIN also provided My Galicia with an opportunity to talk to a large number of Galician bodegas who were there (over 80) including Marques de Vizhoja, As Laxas,Valtea and Condes de Albarei. Five Galician businesses were also there promoting Galician Orujo (spirits). In total 1200 bodegas attended FENAVIN promoting over 100,000 diffferent wines!! For further information on the wine denominations of Galicia or Galician bodegas including the best ones to visit please consult the website of My Galicia.

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