Saturday, May 21, 2011

To take in considerance if you make a reservation

There are a few issues that travelers should consider when deciding to make a reservation to get no future surprises.

When you have been interested in renting a house, apartment, flat, etc., trough our service of, we will put you in contact with the owner of that establishment to make your reservation, it is important to confirm the following to avoid any inconvenience:

TOTAL COST OF STAY: including any supplements such as an extra bed, cleaning costs, additional expenses, etc.. Please note that information published on the web may not be current or has been misinterpreted, so we recommend to confirm these details newly with the owner.

PREPAYMENT: Most likely the homeowner may require you to pay a deposit to confirm the reservation, which could range between 20% and 40% of the total.

REMAINING PAYMENT: In addition to the prepayment, confirm with the owner how and when to pay the remaining money, because there is a widespread custom among the owners to require the entire amount at your arrival. Specially if you have to pay in cash, it will be convenient to know beforehand.

DATE OF ENTRY AND EXIT: although it seems a simple question but it is very important to clarify what day you check in and what day you check out. Otherwise there can be missunderstandings. For example, if you make a reservation from 1st of august to 8th of august, some people understand that 8th is included and want to leave on 9th of august.

TIME OF ENTRY AND EXIT: Normally check in and check out are at 12:00 but owners may be quite flexible in low-season. In summertime, the houses are usually occupied every day. Therefor the owner will need some time between check-out and check-in of new clientes to clean maintanace, etc. If you have special needs, check them out before your arrival with the owner.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If for any reason you decide to cancel your reservation confirmed with the owner he can require the prepayment as the cancellation fee. Nevertheless, if you cancel with more than one month of anticipation, normally you get your money back, and if you cancel with more than a week of anticipation you normally get 50% of the prepayment back. Contact us in order to talk to the owners if you have any problem.

ADMISSION OF ANIMALS: If you are traveling with pets ask always the owner if they are admitted at the house and in what conditions. Even in houses that are supposed to admit pets, sometimes its not permitted to have them inside the house. Check it out clearly with the owner to avoid future problems

We really recommend, to consult with the owner any questions or concerns you have about the house you have reserved and request a telephone contact for any clarification you need about how to get there or any special request. Since many owner do not speak english, feel always free to contact us to help you in these matters.

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