Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Virtual Tour of Ribeira Sacra

My Galicia have been busy touring Ribeira Sacra near Monforte de Lemos taking high quality photographs/Virtual Tours to best promote what the region has to offer. Palacio de Sober , an €8 million investment to recreate a 5-star hotel near Sober has been brought to life - so people can be transported direct to the hotel without moving from home ! Then it's on to Bodegas Regina Viarum whose Expresion was Galician red wine of 2010.The views,peace and beauty are utterly incredible! Then there's time to visit Abadia da Cova winery where Jose Moure creates award-winning wines of a divine quality. Known as the Edge of the World ,the views from his winery are spectacular - soothing on the spirit. My Galicia can take high quality shots of famous vantage points or places as well as helping to promote individual businesses to the whole of the world! This includes the introduction of videos so the best is still to come.

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